DTC Printer - Error #131 Flipper Jam/Home Error

If your HID Fargo DTC printer is displaying the Error Code #131 Flipper Jam. The first thing we want to do is to check for an obstruction.

- Open the card exit hopper door. And look up underneath the inside top. This is where the flipper is situated. Check to see that there isn't a card stuck and not allowing the flipper to rotate. 

- If there is a card stuck, open the printer draw - If you're using A DTC1500 or DTC4500e then remove the printer drawer. Press and hold the left hand side button, this will roll the rollers and should eject any card that is stuck in the printer. 

- If you can see a card stuck, and the printer will not eject it - We may need to manually remove the card. Please call a technician so we can ensure the card is removed without breaking the flipper. 

If there is no card jammed, and when cycling the power to the printer the same error happens instantly - 

 - Manually rotate the Flipper Table a full 360 degrees. To do this, turn the power to the printer off. With your fingers gently reach up under the exit hopper and push the right hand side of the flipper up - It should move quite freely - If it doesn't move freely, do not push it - Call a technician.

Rotate the flipper then recycle the power to the printer and try print a test card.

If the error occurs again. Please book in a service call with a technician.

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