Error: Please Adjust Turn Unit Pos. - Matica XID8300 / XID8600

If you get a Please Adjust Turn Unit Pos. error. Follow the below instructions to clear the error and resume printing.

1. Look to see if a there is a card stuck in the turn over unit. 

The turn over unit is located immediately to the left of the cleaning roller kit (Green assembly in the picture below).

 - You will want to use the Key Tool provided, attach this to the end of the cleaning roller assembly and turn gently. 

2. Once you confirm there is no card stuck in the turn over unit. Proceed to use the Key Tool provided and GENTLY  turn the turn over unit. This should rotate freely with very little resistance. 

Turn the component shown below with the sign pointing to it.

- If there is any resistance to the turning, do not continue as physical damage may occur.

You want to be able to turn this so that it is back to alignment and the printer can re-initialize itself.

To see how it is aligned. Remove the cleaning roller assembly. Remove the Card Input Hopper, and then open the inside panel as shown (below left).

The flipper/turn over unit should look like the image on the right. If  not, rotate it until it does.

Once the flipper is in the correct position. Replace the panel, card hopper. Loan in the printer ribbon and cleaning roller assembly. Close the printer cover and reinitialize the printer. 

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