Installing XID Printer with EdiConnect Driver

The EdiConnect Driver is the recommended device driver for the Matica XID card printers. This is suitible for all models including XID8100, XID8300, XID8600 and the legacy XID580ie.

First things first, you will need to download and extract the driver. If you haven't already don so, please download from here: Matica EdiConnect Driver Download

  • You will need to Unzip and run the executable as local administrator

Once installed:

  • Open the EdiConnect Administrator Centre.

  • Click 'New Printer' at the top left and side.

  • Next up, we select the Devices we want to set up. Typically this will only be a Printer, however if you also have a laminator attached, then ensure you also select laminator.

  • Select the correct Printer Type we're configuring. Note: It is important to select the correct model here. If unsure please contact us and we can assist.

  • Now we're selecting the Device configuration. 

It is important to select the correct printer model. If you have an XID8300 dual side. Make sure you select that configuration in the drop down list. 

The printer needs to have an address. In the event you're installing via USB connection - The Address is the Machine number (Default is 1). 

If installing a network printer configuration - Select LAN and type in the IP address.  (This is found in the Printers menu)

  • If you printer has a laminator attached, select that setup here on the next menu screen. 

The Port is how the laminator gets its information - If you're using a newer model XID8300 or XID8600 the port will be 'Printer' as this communicates via Infrared between the devices.  COM is for older legacy models (XID580ie & XID9300)

  • Name the Printer Group - This is what it will be displayed at under Windows - Settings >Devices >Printers & Scanners and when you select the printer to print your cards on. We recommend leaving it as the default name.

  • You will now see a summary of the setup. Confirm all is ok.

  • The Printer Group is now configured. And you can turn on your printer. 

You should now see the printer under Windows- Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners 

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