How to Clean Matica XID8300 and XID8600 Card Printer

Keeping your printer clean will help to ensure you get excellent print quality and reliability every time you print a card. Your Matica XID8300 and XID8600 card printer will require some very basic maintenance and steps to ensure it remains in good working order:

Firstly: Maintain Clean Card Stock

Ensure that the card stock your putting into the printer is clean, and has been stored correctly. ideally you will take them straight from the packet and load the entire packet into the printers input hopper. 

As the PVC cards generate a static, dirt, dust and fibers are attracted to them and will stick to the card surface.

Secondly: Clean the XID Printer Cleaning Rollers

Make sure the Cleaning Rollers are frequently cleaned. These should be checked and cleaned periodically once a week to one a month depending on environment and how often the printer is used. Slide the assembly out, and check the rollers (they will either be blue as pictured below or brown on the newer units)

 - Remove the dirt, dust and fibers from the cleaning rollers.

The best way to remove the dirt and dust from these rollers is to use sticky tape, and clean the surface as though you're removing lint from a jacket. Once cleaned, insert the cleaning roller assembly back into the printer. 

Thirdly: Run the Cleaning Card

Note: The printer must be cold before you can run the cleaning card process. The best step is to do this before the printer is turned on. 

        Step 1. 

Disconnect any laminator units attached to the printer, Remove the card hopper, and take out the ribbon cassettes (both transfer film and colour ribbon cassette)

See Below: 

        Step 2. 

Turn the printer on. 

This will now boot up, into an error mode - Telling you there is no cassette. Importantly this happens before the printer enters it's heating up routine. 

       Step 3.

 - Press the Menu button. the first option it comes to is Cleaning - Press Enter (middle button)

 - Press the Middle button again on 'Rollers' 

 - And Press the middle button to start the cleaning process when it displays 'Cleaning Start, OK?'

At this point remove the paper backing off the cleaning card, and insert the cleaning card (either sticky side up or sticky side down) into the input side of the printer. Once cleaned, repeat this process and turn the cleaning card up the other way to ensure both top and bottom rollers are cleaned within the printer.

See below:

You can watch the video tutorial below:

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